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J Skis: The Elitist

Whether it’s cats vs. dogs, skateboarding vs. rollerblading, or Yankees vs. Redsox, there are always going to be people who believe the world isn’t big enough for two different sides of the same coin. Historically, skiers and snowboarders have been butting heads since Stratton opened up the slopes to trailblazing snowboarders in 1983. Today, the feud is still fueled by mountains refusing access to snowboarders and close-minded elitists.

With snowboarding becoming increasingly popular in the early 90’s, Jason Levinthal of J Skis became frustrated with the technical limitations of skis at the time.  “Skiing was so stale, it was so limiting. There was only so much you could do on a straight pair of skis which were made for essentially racing.” Hanging out with snowboarders became the influence Jason needed to start the award winning ski company Line Skis out of his parents garage, designing the first pair of twin tip skis the world had ever seen.

Skiing and snowboarding have done more for each other than the elitists would like to admit, and J’s new graphic pays homage to that.  Splitboards are snowboarding’s version of alpine touring just as much as twin tip skis are skiing’s answer to skiing backwards. The differences of the sports will only continue to inspire development of new technologies and create new and exciting ways to enjoy the mountain.