Rightside’s clients are pretty eclectic—a melting pot of brands and industries. It keeps things interesting, and well, keeps Rightside inspired. Browse some recent projects; it just might turn some gears.

City Churned

Red ties vs blue ties. Marshmallows vs pretzels. Uptown vs downtown. Baristas vs bandmates. Plaids vs hoods. Ben & Jerry's utilized crowd-sourced voting to develop custom flavors for their City Churned program in five cities around the United States. Each Flavor was tailored to its city based upon local desires. Once the flavors were developed, Ben & Jerry's unveiled the ice cream at an open doors party in each city. Along with the ice cream, Ben & Jerry's orchestrated a community service project in each city. Working with local ingredients from TCHO ChocolatesSixpoint Brewery, and Route 11 Chips created some interesting ice cream.  Rightside tagged along to document the NYC, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. flavors.