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Ben & Jerry's: People's Climate March

If it's melted, it's ruined."

– Ben Cohen Ben & Jerry's

On September 21, 2014, Ben & Jerry's took to the streets at the People's Climate March – the largest climate march in history. Millions of people marched at over 2,600 events in 162 countries to demand change from leaders in the United Nations. We used timelapse photography to create this short but sweet 30-second spot that helped propel 400,000 activists to New York City, 40,000 to London, and 30,000 to Melbourne, Australia.

Scientific evidence has proven that climate change is real. From severe winter storms to melting ice caps and extreme drought, our planet is feeling the effects now. Stopping and reversing the effects of climate change is important to Ben & Jerry's and they are asking themselves, "What are we doing about it?" The answer? Many things.

The People's Climate March was just the beginning for Ben & Jerry's. Filming candid interviews with youth activists, as well as key individuals from Greenpeace and Ben & Jerry's, we crafted this short film to tell the incredibly important story of climate change and help kick-start Ben & Jerry's platform for action, demanding a transition to 100% renewable energy.