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Ben & Jerry's: Greyston Bakery

While in Yonkers filming for a separate Ben & Jerry’s project, we found ourselves having incredible discussions with the people at Greyston Bakery. Spur of the moment, we hit record and captured conversations with the bakery’s employees and learned of the good Greyston does for the Yonkers community. 

Greyston Bakery practices an open hiring program, which means that anyone who walks through the doors is offered a job. The bakery is designed to help those who have nowhere else to turn. In the end, the bakery helps it’s employees land on their feet and find their place in society; all while making chocolaty treats and chunks.

"We had raw and natural conversations that were incredibly touching and inspirational. I'll never forget the emotions brought out from hearing the stories of good everyday people who have been able to move on from the streets and the projects because of the opportunities Greyston gave them."

– Joe Gaetani Right Side Productions

Ben & Jerry’s is a leading example of social responsibility and is a role model for how businesses can do their part in the community. This film is being interpreted in over 20 languages so that it can be used through social networks across the world to inspire others the way these stories inspired us.