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Ben & Jerry's: Marriage Equality


Ever since the early days of making ice cream in an old renovated gas station, Ben & Jerry’s has been a company with a purpose even bigger than ice cream. With 2015 shaping up to be a historic year for LGBT equality – and marriage equality specifically – the company wanted to get involved in a big way. “Love is love,” they said, “How can we bring that message to our fans and get them to take action?”


We answered that question with a multi-media marriage equality campaign designed to spread the love far and wide.

Producing two short films, we shared the story of everyday LGBT couples and how they fight the hurdles society has created to share their lives with the ones they love. Exploring the difference between tolerance and acceptance, we shared Ben & Jerry's long time commitment to their employees and the LGBT community while positioning the company as an advocate for change.

The height of the campaign hit when Ben & Jerry's honorarily renamed their all time best selling flavor - "Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough" to "I Dough, I Dough." Proceeds from pint sales went to the Human Rights Campaign - a non profit responsible for spearheading the movement for federal legislation on marriage equality. The rename was announced in celebration of the SCOTUS ruling in favor of the right to marry.

Love wins! We say “I Dough, I Dough” to the historic SCOTUS ruling for Marriage Equality by renaming Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough in participating Scoop Shops.

Posted by Ben & Jerry's on Friday, June 26, 2015

Ben & Jerry's: Flavor Gurus

Remember when you were a restless child, sitting at the dinner table getting yelled at for playing with your food? Meet four people who actually get paid to do just that.

Eric, Andrea, Chris, and Kirsten are a part of Ben & Jerry's product development team - known as Flavor Gurus. They spend all day mixing and matching flavors, chunks and swirls, to launch a handful of new products every year. After meeting them, we thought to ourselves: "If this is their desk job, what do they do outside of work?" Here's a glimpse into the lifestyle that comes with one of the most sought after jobs in the food industry.

Ben & Jerry's: Cookie Cores

Expanding on the Core line launched in 2014, Ben & Jerry's recently debuted their newest concoction: the Cookie Core. Three premium ice cream flavors with a cookie butter core down the center of the pint.

For this global new product launch, we worked with Director Neil Madsen Ryan to create 12 different videos for markets worldwide. In a small neighborhood bakery, Ben & Jerry's Flavor Guru Peter Lind gave us the scoop on the inspiration behind these new flavors and taught us all about the cookie butter that makes them so delicious. 

Healthy Living: Value of Local Foods

Good food from good people, what more could you as for? Healthy Living Market & Café prides themselves on selling the cleanest, locally sourced foods available. Standing behind practices like whole animal butchery and sponsoring a number of environmental initiatives, Healthy Living stores are cornerstones of their communities. With increasing interest in purchasing locally grown sustainable foods, Healthy Living asked us to produce this series of broadcast commercials to make a statement about the value of the products they put on their shelves.

Ben & Jerry's: WaterWheel Foundation

This is the story of how a rock band and delicious ice cream melt together to support environmental conservation and promote the wellbeing of every community they reach.

Teaming up with Director, Neil Madsen Ryan, and post-house, Plus Productions, this project gave us the opportunity to work with Phish, Ben & Jerry, and the Conservation Law Foundation to tell the story of the band's iconic ice cream. Dubbed Phish Food, their namesake Ben & Jerry's flavor helps make a difference in communities around the country. Royalties from the ice cream's sales benefit the WaterWheel Foundation, the band's own non-profit that tables at every concert and supports local non-profits in the cities that Phish plays. Being that Burlington is Rightside's hometown, the opportunity to work with a global brand, a famous band, and a national non-profit who all call Burlington home was a really exciting opportunity.

"The Waterwheel Foundation chooses non-profits from a large sphere of needs including social services, primarily those benefitting women and children; environmental, with a focus on clean water and land conservation with public access, as well as food banks, urban gardening and the like."

– Beth Montouri-Rowels Phish General Manager

We created three videos as well as all of the content for to tell the story. The videos are aired during set breaks of the band's shows through streaming services and have become a topic of positive conversation on Phish forums and message boards. Ben & Jerry's is well known for the socially and environmentally responsible way they do business, and they are always finding original ways to make a positive impact on the world through ice cream. It's good to know that eating their ice cream doesn't just taste good, but also does good.