Phish Food / Waterwheel Full

This is the story of how a rock band and delicious ice cream melt together to support environmental conservation and promote the wellbeing of every community they reach.


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J Skis: The Friend

Crowd funding has become a pivotal player for creatives, startups, and small businesses to raise funding and awareness for innovative designs and products that wouldn't otherwise see the light of day. Working on this project for J skis resulted in a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign and the launch of an incredible new product.

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Tori & Shanté

Time Lapse Reel

Time lapse photography is an art form that takes patience, preparation, and persistence. It is a very powerful visual tool that can be used to enhance a story by showing the viewer something that the naked eye can not see. This short reel is the culmination of of almost 50,000 individual images. Enjoy!

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Ben & Jerry's: Climate Action

Scientific evidence has proven that climate change is real. We worked with Ben & Jerry's on this project to kick off their campaign for climate action. 

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Morning On Main Street

DC Shoes: Women's Fall 2011

DC Shoes hired Rightside to film the lookbook for their Fall 2011 Women's campaign. Shadowing photographer Danielle St Laurent, we shot our model showing off DC's Fall 2011 line. Rightside handed off the footage and DC took care of the edit. We are pretty excited with the final product.

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